The Key Features to Look For In a Structured Settlement Company

Structured Settlement

If you want to know the secret to choose the best structured settlement company, you first have to take a moment and think about what makes a great one. Which structured settlement company tops your list? Is it one that offers high-quality service, or do you prefer a company with a reputation for providing flexible, customized settlement solutions? Either way, there are many factors that go into finding the perfect structured settlement company for you. This article describes the four key features to look for in a structured settlement company.

High customer satisfaction ratings

The structured settlement company with a high customer satisfaction rating is the one that ensures your needs are met, and you’re confident that you’ll receive your scheduled payments. You are sure to be satisfied with your structured settlement company when it is tailored to meet your needs, and you receive competent representative services at all times. The financial consultants of a good structured settlement company will always take time to review all of your options with you and find a solution that best fits your goals. On the other hand, the structured settlement representatives of a good company will continue to provide support during the entire settlement process.

The best structured settlement companies will have a high Google Business Profile listing score. Meaning people are writing reviews about the company and posting them where others can see and trust them. The more five-star reviews, the better, as that means that the hundreds of people who used it were pleased with how they were treated.

If you later decide to sell your structured settlement, choose a company with good reputation like JG Wentworth. Factoring companies purchase settlements and charge a “discount rate”. If you ever wondered how does JG Wentworth work? has the answer for you.

Strong business foundation

Choosing the right structured settlement company can be the difference between having a solid financial foundation and having to pay out large amounts of money in fees or other charges. It is essential to choose one that has been in business for several years and has developed a strong reputation in the financial industry. Structured settlements are unique contracts you will enter into with your structured settlement company. The terms of these contracts will be different from those you enter into with a bank or credit union.

When you choose to receive your settlement in the form of periodic payments, or annuity, it’s important that you choose a robust financial institution as a partner. A structured settlement company with a long history of stability will be able to honor every installment, whether you need your payments to last for years or decades.

Large customer base

In the world of structured settlement investing, a strong customer base is a sign of a healthy investment portfolio. A company’s investment portfolio, along with its commitment to customer service and satisfaction, is often the main determinant when selecting the best structured settlement company to work with. Structured settlement companies are required by law to hold investments in separate accounts for their customers. Therefore, the best structured settlement companies usually have a diversified portfolio that is invested in many different types of investments. A structured settlement company takes your payout in a lump sum and invests it in a structured settlement portfolio consisting of government bonds and other low-risk investments.

Huge payout from their insurance partners

A structured settlement company can get a large payment from their insurance partners. The payment is usually based on how much the claim is for and what is being covered. When choosing a company to sell your structured settlement payments, the company should have a large payout so they can buy more structured settlement cases and offer you more money in exchange for your payments.


It is crucial that you check the financial services of a structured settlement company with the state insurance commission. The most important is accreditation. Assess whether they have received proper certification from legal associations. If a structured settlement company has been properly certified, then it shows that their working practices are above board and their financial dealings are protected.